Why your doctor CANNOT use Vitamin B17 to Cure Your CANCER

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Why your doctor can not use vitamin B17 for cancer!

The American Medical Association (AMA) owns your 
doctor and he/she is under contract to only sell 
synthetic drugs!

The AMA treats any doctor that prescribes laetrile 
to be a renegade (traitorous) and says he/she has 
violated the AMA’s membership policies and will 
be subject to membership termination. 

Therefore, any doctor that prescribes laetrile 
may destroy his/her career. It’s HIGHLY unlikely
they’re going to do that for ANY patient! 

In other words, the AMA gives a private membership 
to a doctor to legally sell drugs and only drugs.


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Because the government and big business 
do not want one person to help another we 
must give the following disclaimer.

We are not a doctors or licensed in any 
way. The information we give is only our 
opinion and you are responsible for yourself 
and for anything you do, eat, or take. It is 
your responsibility to do your own research.

The FDA never evaluates natural products.


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