Kambo Detox Cleanse

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The Amazonian frog medicine of kambo or sapo is combined with Western medicine utilizing the Ionic Detox machine along with muscle testing. Acupressure meridians, which are an Asian medicinal philosophy, combine with kinesiology to help the practitioner determine exactly where your sapo or kambo dots are to be placed. Typically, the shoulder is used, but the Mastes Amazonian indigenous people who use this medicine to heighten their 6th senses will also put dots all over the arms, legs, across the chest, etc. Female Mastes are even known to use frog medicine to induce a miscarriage. The Holistic Tribal Detox Package includes all shamanic energetic medicine work, calling upon a smorgasbord of modalities, cultures, and frequencies from the heavens to the center of the earth.

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A portion of proceeds goes to supporting our Peruvian Indigenous Suppliers to ensure sustainability, quality, safe and efficient acquisitions of the Sapo medicine.
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