Brilliant Brain Booster Scoops

Share the joy of mental clarity and better health with your friends and family!
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Eliminate Brain Fog & Connect to your higher Self with our famously delicious Chocolate & Cinnamon powered total body healing scoops! Just add to your Coffee, brownies, or make the best hot chocolate milk drink available on the planet!

Monthly subscriptions will receive a magic mini whisk hand-held frother the 2nd month and free shipping after your 3rd month!

Share the joy of mental clarity and better health with your friends and family!

Yummy Yummy Get In My Tummy!

Sustainably Sourced Organic Ingredients From Across The Globe Lovingly Prepared in Austin Texas and Delivered To Your Door!

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The Brilliant Brain Booster Scoops are a delicious source of nutrition providing over 200 proven health benefits! Say Goodbye to Big Pharma & ‘Well Hello There!’ to neurogenesis and neurotropic grandma supplement made by one of Austin Texas’ legendary local singers, Carina Cariñosa!

Brain Booster Scoops contain 16 Organic Essential Super Foods including a Dozen Medicinal Mushrooms and Exotic Fruits proven to fight cancer gracefully, heal hormones, reverse diabetes, grow your brains & libido, repair lungs & adrenal fatigue, offering mental stability while satisfying your inner child immensely!

Carina designed this supplement for stressed-out tech professionals, night-lifers, performers & service industry ninjas, people struggling with depression & substance abuse, CEOs & hard-working single men, tired moms and their children, to support growing fetuses so you can birth an avatar and our sacred elders all to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Yummy Yummy What’s in it Mami!



Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Red Korean Ginseng

Ginkgo Biloba

Guanabana Fruit


Cordyceps Mushroom

Red Reishi Mushroom

Chaga Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Wood Ear Mushrooms

Mesima Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms

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