Shamanic Chakra Balance


Carina will empathically and telepathically connect with the residual emotions, frequencies, subconscious blocks, and traumas from this and past lives and return them back to the galactic core for reintegration. You will access Source wisdom and allow it to run through your body as Carina assists to flush out your chakras of painful resistant suffering vibrations trapped in your body or heart throughout all worlds time spaces and dimensions.


  1. Poppy Wise

    Poppy Wise – February 1, 2015

    It is easy to track the day and the hour. 12:00 pm Jan 21st, 2014 at a Farmers Market in Casco Viejo, Panama. Little did I know that on this particular day I was ready for something big. Carina, always ready, said “Hey girl, wanna healing?”
    I had little money. Cari said, “Cool, but don’t tell anyone” and accepted Ten dollars.
    She had me do an ionic foot soak to draw all toxins from my body. While my feet were soaking she performed a full body chakra balance. One by one I felt each chakra unlock and spin. She was patient when my solar plexus wasn’t unlocking as fast as the others. She refused to move on till it was in full rotation. The moment my solar plexus came into alignment she said, “There you go” and moved on. That’s how well Carina can read energy.
    The months following that spontaneous healing on Jan 21st would be my most difficult and most rewarding. There is too much to be said about the many giant challenges that were met with courage and there are so many times when I often sit and say to myself, “I never knew it could be this good.” All the right words in the world simply cannot express the evolution of my consciousness and wellbeing since that sitting with her. I feel steady and good momentum in accomplishing my dreams, acquiring wealth in many positive forms as well developing many true and meaningful relationships including my friendship with Carina. She is and will remain my dear companion.
    Carina is to be seen with eyes that see only her, for exactly who she is. To do that I had to sit down and see myself for exactly who I was, love- every bit of me unconditionally regardless of my circumstances on January 21st 2014. I am so thankful I had the courage to do so because since that day I am in a state perpetual abundance. With Eyes to see where opportunities lay, wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen, being present and to send gratitude for all the blessing each moment holds. I perceive and now receive where once I was blocked and blind.
    Carina shows on the daily how to perpetuate my own happiness through her example of ups and downs and, in its contagiousness, perpetuates the happiness of others in my community.

    Thank you
    Rachel Hope

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