Relationship Harmony Lecture CD


It’s all about building better connections and understanding the hidden vibrational exchanges which play a role in how your connections pan out. This CD has two candid conversations with Carina and friends discussing paranormal present and past life reasons for various communication and sexual issues we were experiencing. You’ll be introduced to a greater understanding of the Map of Human Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins. Click to view Chart.


Track 1 Avatar Intro 09:33
Track 2 Relationship conflict resolution; 16:32
Track 3 Relationship Ease Contrast 34:23
Track 4 Forgiveness heals Throat Chakra 13:14
Track 5 Understanding communication-creativity- throat chakra issues 11:36
Track 6 Convo Sex Entities 37:04
Track 7 Control Drama 11:18
Track 8 Release and the Vortex 11:49
Track 9 It is always safe 10:17
Track 10 Appeal to Highest Essence Part 1 4:27
Track 11 Appeal to Highest essence part 2 with outro 3:29

2 1/2 hours of goodness


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