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This session can work multiple ways depending on your geographic location and access to technology. Simply book the session and provide the best contact details, including full name(s) and date of birth. Then, allow her to see in. There will be preliminary discussion and a followup meeting to understand more of what changes have occurred or what visions were seen during your Akashic Record reading.


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Carina may employ any number of techniques to conduct your healing session. She often will focus over a small personalized altar that represents you. The base may be a particular scarf or animal skin depending on your Wholeness Profile. Carina will often use a rainbow spectrum of crystals and magnets with a small candle in the center to represent you becoming the most whole and integrated version of your Self.  Master crystals, powerful magnets, and ceremonial drums with a variety of mantras and prayers will be used as Carina visualizes your body before the altar, about the size of a doll. (This is NOT voodoo; nor is it white magic. Her work is designed to respect all religions or spiritual creeds as it simply calls upon the highest truth, the highest love, and the highest joy. If you suspect black magic interference, visit this service link.) Carina will connect with the Akashic Records to see your life’s story and picture your energy body before her. She then connects the crystals to work with you and intuitively pulls out any densities or trapped emotions. Carina is particularly adept at removing past life and sexual traumas.

Note: You will need to be laying down in a private space. Some clients have reported convulsions and vomiting while various entities are being removed. If you have any ghosts, entities, demons, or demonic oppression tied to you, Carina will contact you immediately for further instruction. Crying is common. It is always followed by profound release, peace, gratitude and love. Not to worry: as a trained empath, Carina takes on the majority of unwanted symptoms for you, making it easy for you to just breath and release. Extra fees apply for demon removal. Carina will call or email you to follow up and help you understand what was seen and what changes have occurred, as well as any dietary protocols or instructions which may have been received.

Once payment is submitted, you will be given a specific video instruction, prayer, and a quick meditation to help you prepare for the most profound and graceful healing transformation. In this way, your healing begins right now. If for any reason you decide not to follow through or have religious concerns you are welcome to contact our staff for support or refunds. Carina will connect with you to schedule the appointment.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


  1. Samira

    So I was telling Carina that I felt a blockage in my throat when she just naturally began working on it. Within a minute I was coughing and she was on the phone puking and pulling out this whatever-it-was. Suddenly she said, “There’s an angel with his hands on you throat here with you. Ask him who he is.” It was Gabriel. It was amazing. I hadn’t ever been so close to an angelic energy as this, at least not that I’m aware of. I am definitely convinced Carina is a bad ass healer. Doo eeet!!

  2. Jeff Godfrey

    To whom it may concern,

    I have the pleasure of knowing Carina Carinosa professionally through her healing practices as well as working on web page setups. Her enthusiasm for what ever she is working on as well as her ability to connect with that person directly and personally is a great asset and leaves a warm impression. I have found in working with Carina that she selflessly gives of herself to the process of her healing work and offered me an opening for myself that created the shift I was looking for.

    I had a telephone session with Carina to help me with all the changes occurring in my life and help with releasing of the obstacles of growing into those changes. During the psychic session, I had several lovely inner experiences including rushes of energy while clearing chakras, an angel came in and placed gifts in my being, and some validating information of a past life where sexual impropriety caused me to be cast out of society. This past life information and clearing has had the permanent affect of removing bothersome and inappropriate sexual energies. I now feel balanced in a way I haven’t felt before. I am grateful.

    Carina’s multi-faceted training allows her to approach her work from many angles simultaneously. Her own commitment to healing and growing on a personal level translates to creating dynamic and effective changes for her clients. Even when presented with a new situations, she rises to the challenge in a creative and professional manner.

    From my experience, Carina is well suited to healing work where her psychic and spiritual gifts can unravel and uplift those who are ready for shifts in their life.

    Jeff Godfrey
    Tucson, AZ

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