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Native American Church of Peace

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The people who are hardest to love are the ones who need it the most. It’s easy to be a guru in the safety of an ashram. The real test is boots on the ground, in the trenches, can you be trusted when tested to truly make the most loving and enlightened decisions? The first 50% of Character is just showing up.

Get up. Dress up. Show up. Give. Receive. Rinse. Repeat.

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We are being gifted the opportunity to build a glamping private retreat site southwest of San Antonio. The property is 3 acres, but because of a gas pipeline running through it, and a creek that floods, we can only build currently on about 2/3rd of an acre. We want to use shipping containers, tents, a mobile office, porta-potties (or composting toilets), bamboo, flowers, bees, orgone generators, cannabis and a Rife Wand to bless up the place.  The cosmos have also blessed and divinely guided us with the opportunity to purchase two short busses and two Crown Victorias for a deep discount.

Rectangle Tents x4

Round Tents x4

Please find it in your heart to give what you can to transmute the sickness back up into the light for full healing and reintegration with ease and grace, ease and grace. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!





You are welcome to join our Native American Church of Peace fellowship with locations in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas Texas.  Carina is an ordained all faiths minister, and the VP of this newly forming organization. Reverend Sunshine Rainbow Warrior Teran, president and founder of Sunshine Mobile Ministries and the NACP, look forward to serving, teaching, building bridges and inroads, and providing a safe space for you to just let that shit go!

We are in critical times where things move too fast. We know how hard it can be to stop, reflect, heal, rest, integrate and pay for healing. This is especially true for students seeking to ‘go all the way’ in their mastery or critically ill individuals. Whether you’re a regular person with regular problems, an executive, a healer, a victim or the abuser, if you are honestly willing to face your shit we welcome you to explore healing within our circle.

We do have a vetting process, so please be sure you contact us for that.  You must take an oath to let what happens in the circle stay in the circle with regard to protecting people’s identity, and not airing their darkest secrets. You must commit that you will learn and practice holding safe space for yourself and others, and to be RESPONSIBLE with what you say on Facebook, in messenger, and via texts. We’re here to help you feel safe to share the nastiest pieces of your past throughout the timeline. The first applications processed will be the result of your good will and good faith donation of $100 to support our legal and development expenses. If you can’t do $100 all at once, set up a payment plan, or just build up credit when you can!

Please share with your friends, and let’s get real to heal!

What you resist persists. 

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