Looking Inward- Lectures & Meditations



It’s key to self-reflect if you want to create powerful change. Looking Inward helps to develop integrity by teaching how to observe our flawsomeness with thorough compassion. Nearly 3 hours of lecture and meditations perfect for your morning commute or evening unwind. Are you ready for powerful shifts? Then Look Inward and discover the Guru Within!


Track list
1.Avatar Intro 9:34
2. Releasing fears and impositions of other 7:24
3. Invest in Your Self 11:44
4.Limiting Beliefs Not your own 6:04
5. Contemplation 19:38
6. Meditation 17:19
7. Priorities-Self Happiness 27:04
8. Surrender will for Power lecture 29:49
9. Chakras 10:21
10. Self-Speak Reframing 4:36
11. Surrender Will for Power prayer and Outro 5:28


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