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Karma Yoga Project

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Karma Yoga is the path of ‘action’, of putting in 100 percent effort, without being attached to the outcome. Karma yoga can be applied to everything you do: from the most trivial, ordinary tasks to greater, more challenging works.



Together we can make the planet healthier, people happier and the world a better place for all beings. When an action is performed selflessly, with full focus and attention, it brings fulfillment and freedom. Acting without being attached to the fruits of one’s deeds – this alone can lead to union with the Self, which is the goal of yoga.

Your monthly donation of $5 helps us perform random acts of kindness for our nation’s homeless crisis. 

$20 per month provides a care package for those in need, predominantly the homeless and the elderly. 

How it works:

We’ll recruit a volunteer or someone on probation in need of community service credits. 

Your gifts are organized and assembled into a care bag. 

The volunteer puts a bunch of bags in their car, distributes some to friends, and you all randomly go drop off the gifts. 

Items Include:


Hygiene Products

CBD pain relief travel sticks or another local sponsor’s CBD products

Emergency Mylar Bags

Fruit or nutrition bars

Pop-top canned meats

Resource lists

Gift Cards and Coupon Books

Messages of Hope & Prayers


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One-Time, Monthly, Annually


Other, $20, $100, $300


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