Enlightenment Integration Sessions


The Buddhists say that if you desire to achieve enlightenment you are destined for it.

This service focuses on helping you personally achieve and maintain enlightenment. This will be a combination of psychic healing, counseling, and meditation. Eight in ten participants can integrate within 90 minutes.



On The Scale of Human Consciousness (a world-renowned tool developed by psychologist Dr. David Hawkins), the enlightened state of Nirvana calibrates at 850 with a possible 1000 points. Carina uses kinesiology to calibrate your current LOC (Level of Consciousness). She also feels into your being as you allow your heart to connect with hers. Here, you allow her to find the usual limiting beliefs, actions, situations, and necessary shifts or oaths that must change in order to allow yourself to evolve into the Highest Ascended version of whom you are meant to become. She then calibrates what her intuition can confirm using this quantifiable scale.

You must practice Enlightenment. You must desire to be the best human you can possibly be. You must become willing to allow a higher power to flow through your current level of understanding. If you are willing to let go and go with the flow, you will be 100% satisfied.

FAQ: One advantage that Carina enjoys about doing this type of work is that it commands her to ‘get ready’ to be a clean vessel. She usually calibrates around 930-970 during such a session. Maintaining this level of vibration at all times is nearly impossible, but she enjoys showing clients how to break through the gates of peace, through enlightenment, through to Nirvana, and then beyond into a full light being. She discusses these distinctions in her new book.



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