Enlighten The F^ck Up! An Apocalypse Field Guide Full of Lessons, Resources & Weird Stories


Carina’s new book is a unique combination of autobiography meets audio-visual self-mastery E-course. Carina speaks to her generation in parables related to the journey of being a telepathic empath developing intuition into psychic gifts as she traverses through the spiritual supermarket to heal herself and others.  Carina shares intimate, vulnerable, and jaw-dropping experiences as she and others have discovered how to effectively utilize combinations of scientifically and clinically proven techniques that pivot your mind-body-soul into the heights of peace and beyond. When practiced, we guarantee you’ll feel empowered and able to manage any major life obstacles.  Journey into the quantifiable realms of enlightenment and full Tao consciousness and know that you are not alone in the trenches.


“Crazy and weird stranger-than-fiction” true stories, discussions, and ideas are presented from the realms of metaphysics, quantum physics, UFOlogy, spiritual warfare, the Truth of God’s love, transcending duality, forgiveness, working with Ascended Masters, To Be or Not To Be a Light Worker, shamanism, prostitution, ghosts, possessions and working with danger, tools for connecting to your Higher Self, prayers, homework, and plenty of hyperlinks to phenomenal teachers.

This book attempts to be a definitive compilation of the resources, links, teachers, and concepts that have enabled Carina to rise from codependent homeless 315-pound drug-addicted empathic Goddess-in-disguise into a renowned psychic healer, lecturer, motivational spiritualist, entrepreneur, and oft channel for the beloved Celtic Goddess Bridgette. Her purpose is to assist anyone willing to help themselves to eliminate the root causes of suffering from their being in miraculously accelerated ways. She hopes that you’ll learn from her mistakes and solutions with graceful speed so that you can leap beyond the hurdles and permanently sustain and integrate the highest enlightened vibrations available to mankind.


Students are encouraged to click into the citations. There is a world of amazingness inside this valuable resource.

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