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Cure Cancer At Home

Carina has created a digital booklet featuring hyperlinks to more than 50 alternate cancer treatments that are proven to destroy cancer and cancer stem cells while restoring vibrant good health. The total combined cost for every known alternative product would be less than $10,000 (Including Rick Simpson Oil, aka RSO). You can quickly buy items from just $10 to $100. Compare that to traditional oncology which ranges from $50k-500,000 with huge deductibles. Instead of mortgaging the house, loosing your hair, recovering from surgery, being zapped onto death’s door, and having your family suffer to the bitter end, just allow yourself to imagine the alternative. Go from limiting and disempowering beliefs to miraculously ecstatically inspired life-giving wellness.

Many resources are free and super affordable to implement into your new daily self-care routine. And we’ll tell you the most disgustingly easy and affordable solutions for free after you show just a tiny ounce of go-getter winning attitude, because it takes a WILLINGNESS to help yourself, click some buttons, buy some things, and UTILIZE the actionable resources now available to you.

The Foundation is currently requesting donations to build alternative wellness centers and qualified staff for some of the more expensive equipment such as Rife Machines, a Sustainably Fresh & Vibrant Wellness Bar, specialized alternative treatment and recovery wards, medicinal orchards & gardens, sanctuary & meeting space, licensed and certified medical staff with interdisciplinary ancestral medicine training, and safe indoor-outdoor trauma release spaces for the really nasty work.  Please, give what you can. Gift yourself and others a vibrant new future. It’s completely tax deductible and it feels SO GOOD to know that you ARE being the change.

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Do you want to heal?  Cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence.  YOU DESERVE BETTER.

The Carina Carinosa Foundation, a 501c3 Non-profit Public Charity, is dedicated to empowering families and individuals with actionable education and resources that inform the body how to heal naturally without dangerous antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Though it flies in the face of ‘Modern Western Medicine’, curing cancer requires a holistic approach largely resolved by proper nutritional supplementation, bodywork, oxygenation, and clearing of suppressed emotional blockages lingering in your bioenergetic memory which informs DNA, RNA, gene and cell expression. Big Pharma sheds no tears over it’s financial and moral conflict of interest as the Trump administration arrested it’s first Big Pharma CEO for racketeering in early 2018. The system is broken, and we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. So we strapped on our boots and dug deep to uncover all of the world’s best alternatives and where to buy them with a few simple clicks.

Our team is comprised of very caring, well-informed health care experts and providers who have risked their carriers to help you gain access to these forbidden affordable supplements and foods. If you are willing to have some faith, keep an open and curious determination to heal, intent to live healthier and use some of the affordable resources listed in the directory, then Carina is serious about supporting your journey. For families and individuals with a lot to lose, you’ll be invited to apply for your custom Alternative Interdisciplinary Integrative Lifestyle program.  If you are earnest about utilizing empirical homeopathic alternatives and healing the shadow emotions and situations that gave rise to the imbalance initially, please be sure to schedule some counseling and healing hours in the following exclusive discounts.

Those who seek individual support can also join our private groups where we’ll discuss the emergence of scientific evidence for alternatives, volunteer for test groups,  and commiserate with others who are trying the more sustainable alternatives.

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