Breaking Bonds, Chords, Hooks, & Attachments


Thoughts, whether you are conscious of them or not, hold the world together. Resistent thoughts bind. Forceful thoughts vibrating from the levels of depression, shame, blame, guilt, desire, anger, fear, apathy, and pride are like big etheric knots. Generally in any interpersonal relationship the first, and most powerful source of relief is by shining light onto the highest ascended versions of the persons involved. Group counseling and prayer sessions are always recommended. Sold separately.


  1. Teresa Rodriguez

    Teresa Rodriguez – February 3, 2015

    It’s amazing how my life has opened up since our work together last year. My son’s trial and life sentence have been reworked by the best lawyer who took his case pro-bono. I know it is because we healed the bad feelings surrounding our families. We all were victimized by this tragedy, but you’ve helped free us Carina. Now I can hold space for my son and be a strong mother for him whereas before I would just worry and make myself sick. Also because of the chakra balancing and since you removed that demon trapped in my house, I don’t need medications for depression anymore. The ghosts of my mother and little breather have moved on. You healed them too, in the after life. You’re amazing nena. I thank Jesus for our friendship every time I see your posts on Facebook. Did you see? Now I’ve started channeling. I look forward to learning more. Oh and that deal finally closed on the property after all this time we finally got the property rights sorted out with my brothers and the lawyer. I can’t wait to come see you in action at the Envision Festival! What an amazing journey nena. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. Mark

    Mark – July 12, 2015

    The results have been in for a while..

    Carina does amazing work and helps people change their lives!

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