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Carina’s body work is out of this world. She will intuit energy short circuits in your body through a 2 minute body diagnostic scan. Styles mix from Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology with some Thai, yoga stretching and spinal adjustment as needed. She works rhythmically using cosmic music, breathing and visualization techniques and may include aromatherapy and crystals. For those familiar with shamanic work, Carina is very pleased to conduct spiritual-physical-mental healing massages. Carina’s work always incorporates reiki and energy balancing inherent in her touch as long as the client is open to receiving. For highly sensitives, she is a healer’s healer. For injured patients referred by physical therapists or chiropractic doctors Carina’s reiki skills are ideal for gently releasing dislocated shoulders, herniated disks, knee injuries, or other tears. It is typical for clients to fall asleep on her table.  Plan to sit a while before operating a motor vehicle. For the CEOs and MOMs on a hectic schedule discuss, in advance, if you need a short energizing massage, or to be energized in the final 5 minutes of your session. Fibromyalgia patients might consider purchasing a package to include ionic detox and counseling to save on these already incredible rates. Carina believes body work is a stress management necessity, not a luxury. For those weening off of medications, please have your doctor’s contact details available.

Call 512-538-4990 to schedule your appointment in advance.

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To ensure the maximum experience, Carina only serves ONE massage client per day. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Services Policy regarding cancellations and rescheduling.


  1. Teresa Martinez- Soul Focused Healing

    I can speak from experience Carina is a sweet roommate, a great chef of healthy and yummy foods, her knowledge, massage and healing gifts are beyond what you can imagine.

  2. Jon Owen

    I have had lots of massages, but none like that! It was like a long, deep massage combined with a counseling session, prayer, mystic reading, and love! Not only are my neck and back much freer but I have a new awareness of how I stop my energy and intention because of fear I hold in my pelvis. I also have a new awareness of myself as a powerful, life creating force-thanks!

  3. Raul

    Best massage of my life. Amazing. I can´t remember the last time I felt so loved. Thanks for clearing that thing in my neck, the thyroid gland you said. I´ve actually lost 5 pounds this last two weeks. See you next Thursday.

  4. admin

    Click on this link to see More testimonials and descriptions of physical healing services now available in your area. http://carinacarinosa.com/testimonials/

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