Black Magic, Curse, and Demon Removal


When life gets out of control, malevolent entities can be found. If you suspect foul play, you are probably right. Carina will evaluate your case first with a 1 or 2 hour counseling session, sold separately. You’ll receive a powerful preliminary healing and prayer session. Then we’ll proceed accordingly based on the findings. You may be referred to one of the specialist healers in our network.


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The above image illustrates the beginning of a psychic healing session in which several people were suspected of playing an adversarial roll in the lives of one Twin Flame couple. This group where Catholic, so Carina called upon deity spirits from their faith to assist, taking care to call upon the support of only the highest truth, love, and angelic beings. It became clear that dark forces where working through the humans and sabotaging their beliefs and actions, using them like pawns and puppets to prevent the potential for this powerful twin flame union.  You see a row of names with stones for grounding to support these individuals. In the picture below, you see a candle vigil is lit for each of them to restore their spirit and souls. Finally, you see the protection grid for the unobstructed free will of the pair to proceed as nature intends with a team of volunteer angels to clear their path.

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Note: this is just 1 of several examples. Carina could write a TV series on this subject, so let’s just focus on your particular case. Like any good doctor, Carina has seen and experienced her fair share of alarming situations.

Please visit our Terms of Service page, as very few healers are willing or trained to deal with this level of work.


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