Do you have good basic computer skills?
    I have a smartphone and am fairly proficient with it.
    I trust the western medical healthcare system to provide the best possible care.
    I don’t have any money for alternative treatments. I cant afford $250- $500- $1500- $6000 to cure my disease.
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    I have the will to live.
    I have something important to live for.
    I have a burning desire to be better.
    I am considered insubordinate or a ‘problem patient’ by the doctors for denying their treatment options?
    I believe in the power of mother nature.
    I have trouble dealing with reality.
    I struggle with self-rejection.
    Have you been taking a lot of antibiotics or other medications.
    I have been eating lots of junk foods, sugary drinks, or consuming a lot of meat or alcohol.
    I am estranged from God. I struggle with that concept.
    I have difficulty expressing my emotions.

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    I know a lot about nutrition.
    I have a lot of pent up anger and resentment.
    I have suffered deprivation in my childhood.
    I am lacking social support.
    I am estranged from family members.
    I am feeling depressed.
    I am willing to face the dark side but wanting the help of a guide.
    I suffer from substance abuse including food and other socially acceptable things.
    I am longing to express your own uniqueness and passions.
    I am in an emotionally abusive or physically abusive situation. Or have been in the past.
    I have trouble bonding with my mother or father.
    I have lost my sense of importance in life.
    Please take this opportunity to share with me what exactly is going on right now. Please tell me what you are working on, what you need help with, and anything relevant about your history that i should know in order to better server you. Taking the time now will save you money, so i look forward to reading your response.
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