Make Your Good Faith Deposit!

By proceeding you affirm, agree and understand that under zero circumstances may you cancel or reschedule. If you are wanting more than 1hr, DO make that clear in writing & CALL for discussion! Sending Texts does NOT count as adequate communication. Outcall requests should be discussed while speaking prior to the deposit for confirmation. For our mutual protection, we must speak directly at least once before you drive over. Thank you for following basic standards for effective communcation.


Carina simply does not do cancelations and reschedules. Take care and her willingness to help with sincerity or stay off the schedule. Show up to appointments on time. Be sober & not lit on stimulants like caffeine, sugar, etc.

Sessions are billed by card in advance. Call for an initial consultation and scheduling. Texting is not appropriate communication. You must call and speak directly in real-time using your voice.

Note: Just because you may fail to show up to an appointment does not mean Carina will accept nonpayment or text cancelations. People failing to hold themselves accountable, and refusing to feel the gravity of their failed commitments, is an epidemic in this country that you are not allowed to infect her with. If you need desperate assistance and cannot pay, write your case in an email and know that you will receive a prayerful blessing at minimum. Carina is not obligated to provide free support to the homeless just because they wish she would. Although, if you are lucky enough to receive support and then get cut off, you should still utilize the advice and help that was extended.

Book only when you are willing to show up for yourself.

You get 1 free reschedule if you CALL with more than 24 hours’ notice with a thoughtful APOLOGETIC voice message. If you sent a care-less text expecting redos, that doesn’t cut it. Those who don’t apologize sincerely for how their actions impact others can suffer the consequences. Good luck with your healing process.