Corrupt Oncologists Hate Me. Big Pharma Might Kill Me For Sharing This

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10,000 x more powerful than Chemo. Delicious. Nutritious. Kills Cancer Stem Cells. Keep Your Hair & Don’t Be Scared.

An Interesting fact about guanabana, jack fruit, mangosteen and noni is that they look like cells in your body, don’t they? Likewise, they repair the cells in our body.  You’ll notice that God really simplified nature for us, when you come to understand that the various foods look like the various organs they support and heal. A particularly popular scientist, whom I won’t mention, calls this a mere coincidence and ‘artistic license.’ Uh, we disagree. Coincidence and synchronicity are the Universe’s way of talking to us. The videos below show you a lot of knowledge you need to know on how to heal cancer. Trigger Warning: I cured my own breast cancer, but when I didn’t heal my diet, it came back until I was willing to get into full alignment with my body’s needs. The science is solid, just suppressed and even grossly misrepresented and undermined. 

Check out this video on the power of Guanabana, aka SourSop or Graviola.

The Amazing Value of Juicing for Cancer Patients

Traumatic Events Lead to Cancer

Important Note: Please understand that all physical illness comes from a mental misqualification or trauma. You are encouraged to consider coupling the dehydrated guanabana or noni powder with psychotherapy, guided meditations, available via the internet, movement and physical healing massage and detox sessions. 

Start by auditing your pantry. Click the picture and take the Quiz to see if we’d be a good match for building you a custom Holistic Integrative Multidisciplinary Program. Start turning your life around NOW.

At the Carina Cariñosa Foundation, we are PASSIONATE about helping you access sacred ancient grandma medicine. Surely, if you’re reading this, you understand the level of corruption infiltrating the Western Medical Industrial Complex. It hurts so much to see so many people dieing to malpractice, ignorance, and blatantly brainwashed disempowering lies. If you or someone you know has cancer (yes EVEN sepstic stage 4 death sentence sent home to die cancer) then PLEASE PLEASE give the real and tangible gift of hope, education, life, and nature to your loved one by opting in to watch this powerful documentary ‘Forbidden Cures’. Carina has gone so far out of her way to provide ACTIONABLE, affordable CURES and is happy to negotiate solutions that will best suit your transition. 

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Oh, and here’s a special discount because I love you and really want to see you win, win, win the battle!

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