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Today the scales say 215, and I feel ready to pose for a centerfold. The holidays are in full force. Everyone seems to have gained 10 pounds, and now that my tummy has rounded out a bit, I am loving the streamline in my curves. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

  1. T25 workout- Focus for 25 minutes each day, if you can. I had to take a break after the first few days for my knees to adjust to the impact. And I had to work up to this level in a regular gym for quite a while. I still do the modified version, and it’s only been a full 7 days of work (so actually 2 weeks because I took some time out for recovery). Yeah, I’m not following directions to a T, but I’m in it to win it, aka intention. I can see the results in the form of strength, stronger posture, and less cottage cheese thighs.
  2. Gym & Tanning Booth- My regular gym membership is still put to good use via the treadmill and tanning booth. Now, I can run, off and on, for about 25 minutes which is an amazing comeback after having broken my knees and an ankle long ago. I set the intention about 18 months ago to improve my posture and core strength because I was tired of suffering with lots of spinal issues. I actually weigh more in this moment, but muscle is in supportive places. So when I’m ready to hop off the treadmill, I do some butt lifting exercises, and it is time for 11 minutes in the tanning booth. Something about having rosy skin makes me just feel better, and the lighting seems to fall on my face better. Less makeup required to feel fabulous, as well. Surely a scientist could explain the health benefits to you in a YouTube video.
  3. Good sex- Yes I said it. Last night I was fortunate to be ravished thoroughly. Trust me, he was enjoying certain parts of my body that make my terrified self-conscious say “Eek!!” Being accepted by your lover in areas and ways that you have trouble accepting yourself in is a great mental enema. It definitely helped unlock the Goddess within.
  4. Raw for Beauty- This week I’ve muscled up on the lemon in my water, beefed up the broccoli, and tried out some new berry combo drink blends. I also enjoyed a whole watermelon, apples, and pecans. Again, my skin is just radiating.
  5. LSD– I’m an empath, and sometimes it’s really hard to eliminate other people’s bad juju from my energetic fields. Sometimes I need to squeeze my sponge and find that in times of mental emergency, a nice evening of LSD, candles, atmospheric music, digital colorful fractal art therapy, and some good crying really helps. Sometimes you just need a deeply transformative cry. The best quality about LSD is its ability to help us break free from the bonds of ego long enough to listen to some good common sense, aka your conscious. I teach enlightenment and spirituality, and am becoming a bit conservative when it comes to all this new age terminology about soul mates, twin flames, awareness etc. I think it’s important to speak to the older generation in terminology they understand, and retain some of that grounded common sense our parents grew up with. So today, I’m keeping it OG and saying that LSD helps you obey your conscious better. LSD help return you to or improves your good common sense. My conscious needed to kick my hinny on a few subjects, gently give me some guidance, and then reprogram the bio-energetic cellular memory with pretty geometric colors. Personally, I had become a bit obsessive, unfocused, picked up the resistant vibes from my house mates, and needed a boost for my DNA.
  6. Praying- I’d been wishing for God’s love to fill the hearts of certain people suffering around me. I was praying that they’d remember Oneness in their hearts. Yet, I couldn’t feel total oneness within my own heart. I saw an ‘angel of light’, a geometric fractal of infinite love, come up from within which gave blessings for others, and then it said, ‘What about you?’ So I invited the Oneness Heart Healing into my being, and felt the split, dualistic, side-taking judgment be sewn up and transmuted back into wholeness. I surrendered, allowing it to blaze through my insecure split mental illusions of separation which formed at the time of my parent’s divorce when I was 4 years old. I saw the geometry sew together my mind, body, spirit with infinite love and Wholeness. I forgave myself for having created this illusion of separateness. Mind you, it was my intention guiding this visualization, meditation and surrendering to a higher inner power. You can do this without external medicines if you’re well versed in practice. I am, but needed a boost.

The candles also helped burn away residual resistant thought forms lingering in the house, and the flowers helped radiate life-creation, color, and wonder for the miracle majesty of nature- God’s creation.

So here I am today after a weekend of radical self-love, weighing in at 215, size 15, and ready for my close up Mr. Devil. My message to you is, ‘Do whatever it takes to love yourself 100{cbdb95f57582008944bda98534dc391eda409db67d07ddb940c1cf1a9591f495}, and let your light shine, shine, shine.’ Loving you and wishing you infinite blessings, Carina Cariñosa

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