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“Carina is accessible, outgoing, aware, has integrity and a good listener. My experience with her has been one of mutual interest in the feminine power awakening- movement and metaphysics. She is on the path very determined to serve and share with others all she has learned and imbibed and yet with a willingness to her own growth and expansion. I have been on her mailing list to receive her weekly course material and have found it very helpful, detailed and unique. She is highly intuitive, receptive and just downright friendly. She would be a great asset to any company whose mission is to be cause in the awakening; the shift towards enlightenment.”

-Nancy OCarroll- Graduate “Co-creating Feminine Power Course Mastery


“Carina Cariñosa is a wonderfully energetic charged person, with a keen intuition and a good sense of humour to add to her joyful personality.
She worked on balancing my chakras and clearing out negative thought forms. She was quick to perceive and pick up on areas that were producing most resistance.
The result, a great sense of tranquility and wellbeing. Her tips and advice to overcome certain limiting beliefs were to the point and very useful.
Carina is a born healer, dedicated to improving peoples lives.”


“You are giving me tools to cope with people at work, at the street and tools to cope with myself, which is most important to me.

In order for me to understand the Gift of Life. I am getting to know myself in a better way, I do respect your time and effort for sending very good material. Thanks for all your honest and sincere advice…

God Bless you…”

-Carlos E. D’Anello Saénz

[The Manifest Your Ideal Relationship Workbook] works like a charm. Every time. I just keep getting more and more specific about what is wanted and not wanted and boom the person appears.’

-Samira Esquina


“Carina is a star. She has been such a guiding light for me during my path towards enlightenment. Her words of wisdom, her simplistic approach and sincere care for the betterment of people can be felt for miles. She has facilitated my growth through one-on-one Skype conversation and text chatting. It is instant rapport and connection every time regardless of how long it has been since our last encounter (or the thousands of miles that separate us). My favorite characteristic of hers is that she is raw. She goes through obstacles, temptations and trials and voices them, acknowledges the issue, tracks her progress and puts herself in a vulnerable state where others can see and hopefully learn from it and/or contribute to the solution. She is an inspiration to me and a pillar in my growth and success.”

-Vonia Lopez

¨Carina I´ve got the best testimonial for you dear. After you did the chakra balancing on me, I actually found the courage to contact my birth father, and it´s all just so amazing the unfoldment. I feel like I´ve found a missing piece of myself. No looking back. Thank you thank you thank you.¨ (Months later, she writes back), “Cari, I just wanted you to know that the healing that you’ve done for me has started something very real and is shedding light on so many things that have been murky in the past. Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got to spend quality time with my paternal dad. We really match. For the first time in this world I have found someone I can relate to on a level that no one has ever penetrated. Right now, things are really hard between my mum and I. This morning we had an explosive fight resulting in my understanding why she is the way she is. All the disconnect, the self defense, negativity and pride my mum holds, I understand it better. I never saw it clearly before … I just thought she was a bitch. I guess this is a sort of purge from fire. A lot of feelings are hurt right now on my mums side, but I know it is going toward being able to communicate better and knowing how to be a better friend to my mum and more respectful to the sacrifices that my mum and dad have made. I know what I can give them that would make them happy. Thank you so much for this Cari. It does hurt, A LOT right now, but it’s also relieving to know I can connect again and to know that I have a dad who I look like and know why I am the way that I am.”

– Poppy Wise

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