Enlightenment Integration Workshop


    [mhm-tooltip description='Thanks to world-renowned psychologist Dr. David Hawkins, Carina is able to quantifiably measure thoughts (past, present, future) and Levels of Consciousness (LOC) using The Scale of Human Consciousness. The workshop begins with an interactive lecture that demystifies the various levels of consciousness and familiarizes you with the Scale. Participants are invited to get a free reading of where they are on the scale, what their highest levels achieved have been, what their baseline resistance levels are, and what must be done in order to release more resistance in order to return to full oneness consciousness. We will measure the group’s starting level of consciousness, observe where we are after the lecture portion, and then measure again after the enlightenment integration meditation. Then we’ll have a more open Q&A before breaking away for individual sessions. The enlightenment integration meditation is specifically geared at helping you release resistance, connect with your highest ascended self and guides, committing and affirming to follow your heart’s desire, clearing conflicts so that you can more clearly manifest your heart’s true desire.']
    [mhm-tooltip description='Individual sessions usually begin with an energy diagnostic scan and counseling followed by profound reike and chakra balancing, working with Source and a team of volunteer guides serving the highest truth-love-light and joy to produce bio-energetic reprogramming, forgiveness, and erase karma throughout the timeline, downloading programs for abundance and other blessings. Carina can help you break unhealthy attachments, remove any ghost or discarnate frequencies which may be stuck to your energy, help you get into alignment with what you want to manifest, and reconnect heaven and earth through your being. Have you ever seen The Green Mile? You know how the big black man, John Coffe, sucks the death out of the mouse and the warden’s wife? Carina has that gift. She can go as deeply as you are open to receiving and healing. However serious you are about releasing resistance and getting back into alignment, Carina can pull out those blockages gracefully and help you reset. Use the Everland2018 discount code to save 50% on all products and services. Visit https://CarinaCarinosaStore.Guru/Services Don’t wait to go higher in your mastery. Only 8 spots available during the festival.']
    [mhm-tooltip description='The Penis Envy species is one of the most potent and trippy. Whereas an experienced tripper would use up to a 3.5g dose of regular mushrooms, 1-1.5g is all you need with PE. This is because the species grows much slower, giving the mushroom time to produce more DMT. It is known for being a very positive high, but because of its potency, high doses are not recommended if you are going through tough issues at the time or under the influence of certain drugs such as alcohol. During the ceremony, Carina will do a guided integration meditation, a brief individual energetic clearing, and amplification connecting us all with heaven and earth, your highest ascended self, your guides, and any benevolent beings wishing to assist. Sober facilitators experienced with this particular medicine will be present to help you ground any difficult patches. We will be providing music, chants, drumming and mantras in a safe secluded area of the festival only disclosed to participants and organizers. Space is limited and portapotty facilities will be close by. Attendees are encouraged to bring a sleeping mat, pillows, crystals, instruments, bottled water, and clear intentions for a gentle cathartic and happy journey. Arrive 20 minutes early for set up. Attendees are encouraged to fast some the day of the ceremony with at least 4 hours since your last meal, have a bowel movement before we begin, be hydrated, take your vitamins, and be free from the influences of alcohol, cocaine, barbiturates, or anything harder. Get ready for magic beyond imagination!']


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    Disclaimer: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Buddha
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