Carina Carinosa is an Enlightened Ordained All-Faiths Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, Dr. of Divinity, Native American Church of Peace Vice President, Psychic Telepathic Empathic Rainbow Warrior Medium, Non-Profit Director, Event Coordinator & Singer.

What’s new: FARMACY with magic microdose supplements, CBD for Sleep, Pain & Daytime Focus, Custom supplements for all manner of nutritional healing.  Addition of Events, mad hatter magic tea parties, cuddle puddle PLUR parties, blacklight yoga gatherings. 

This app features a number of free gifts designed to help you reach and integrate enlightenment, a Farmacy, CDs, books, workbooks, articles, affordable housing crisis solutions portal plus a catalog of professional healers, whom can all work on you remotely from a distance, and assist in every manner of spiritual and often physical ailments.

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“Manifest Ideal Love” is an eWorkbook designed to show you how to manifest your ideal relationships. You can fill out this free workbook and submit it for review to speed up your becoming an exact vibrational match to the types of supportive people you desire. For this, you might schedule a 2 hour Spiritual Counseling session and/ or listen to our body of recorded work.

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This app showcases a catalog of psychic healers, much like the Spiritual Supermarket of who can help with all manner of ailments, usually from a distance. We are very honored to refer you to one of these specialists.

Call or write us to get personal guidance. Reach out. Tell us your story and what you’re needing help on, and we WILL give you direction.

Pre-order Carina’s new book which is an autobiography describing the science of spirituality, how she overcame obstacles like being a 315 pound bi-polar addict widow in Central America into an enlightened telepathic empath, healer, shaman, and instrument for the Celtic Goddess Bridgette. This book is a resource full of hyperlinked videos, articles, and parables from many of the world’s greatest teachers and gurus.

Come learn how to demystify the science of Spirituality, embrace your flawsomeness, accept your angelic divinity, and connect to your Guru Within.