Alcohol, Weight Loss, Nutrition, & the Joy Factor

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This article goes out to every lady at the bar or restaurant concerned about her weight, including myself.

First, let me placate your desire for actionable answers that you think you want to know, and then I’ll talk about the relevant yet often hidden truth.

Yes vodka and club soda is the lowest calorie answer, and it IS the drink of choice for dieters who choose to drink. My fabulously gay former roommate has lost a 100 pounds thanks to his second gastric bypass and the vodka club soda diet he so religiously sticks to. He says he’s like Bender from Futurama, that on the weekends he simply must drink in excess from Friday until Sunday morning. So if he’s going to go on a bender every weekend, he’s going to do it with Vodka and club soda.

But is he healthy?

The reason he drinks so much is because he is trying to avoid remembering the unresolved trauma from his sister’s death in his spare time. He hasn’t yet learned to accept the law of Divine Timing. He also has not made the time to practice connecting with her spirit for guidance. (She is definitely his spirit guide.)

I submit that we both know this is not the picture of health; it is the lesser of evils in a viscous society that truly does treat you better the smaller your dress size, and we’re just trying to make a satisfactory compromise here. You cannot bandage a gaping emotional wound with club soda and vodka.

So if compromising is enough for you, which I know it isn’t because you are reading this article, then all I have to offer you here is the sound nutritional advice to please add lemon or lime to your beverages. It has two important health benefits. 1) the vitamin C will support your immune system which is taking a beating thanks to all the acidity you are consuming. 2) Lemon and lime help alkalize the pH in your body.

So here’s what western ‘medicine’ won’t tell you because of their vested interest in ‘treating’ cancer and diabetes instead of curing it.

Some of the keys to weight loss, cancer prevention or reversal, and metabolism activation are centered around our body’s pH levels as well as the live enzymes in the food we consume.

Hangovers are caused by trauma to the pH (It’s comparable to drinking battery acid.) and dehydration. Alcohol causes dehydration. You know that, but did you also know that it lowers your pH, which is not a good thing?

Note: low pH means acidity. High pH means alkalinity. On the pH scale of 0 to 14, 7= neutral or basic. Below 7 is acidic. Above 7 is Alkaline. Our bodies want to be around 7.12, but most of the western food supply has been engineered to make us fat and acidic, and our choices are adversely manipulated. Every bacteria known to man can be killed with an acid level of 2.7. Soda has a pH of around 3.48. Cancer begins around 4.5. Basically, what I just said is that soda causes cancer and just narrowly avoids killing all the bacteria in your body’s micro-biome. Did you know that we actually need bacteria to be healthy? Lately science is all a buzz with its new understanding about the benefits of bacteria within our tummies which fight to ward off parasites and break down what we consume. Aspartame turns the brain to mush, much like addictive flavor enhancing MSG. Aspartame, maltodextrose, and sucralose not only kill your brain, but it also kills the flora of your micro-biome. Fresh fruit juice can help you get it back. So while you are concerned with avoiding empty calories, I’m concerned with your pH imbalance and how we could restore your total emotional, mental, physical health.

Even though a twist of lime can save you some headache, my point is that drinking is an unsustainable attack on the human nervous system. Meditation and following our bliss are the most superior drugs- and they are calorie free. (She conveniently says with a hangover while having packed on 20 additional pounds in 4 months as a result of moving back to the states and feeling bombarded by the thick veil of resistant vibes in this country.)

So while I am torn between the social conundrum of my skinny jeans verses the comfort of my “fat pant” leggings, with full sisterly compassion I tell you, we need to cut this shit out and go back to church because we are destroying our temples ladies.

There’s a lovely phrase that Terrence McKenna realized while on acid saying, “God eternal within the body.”

But when the temple is full of acid, it fries and short circuits the nervous system and all cells. The body begins to attack itself with from the confusion that drinking spirits brings. The body starts making poor decisions and misfires much like our minds under the influence. So we can’t be vessels for God’s love and light this way, at least not sustainably.

A second point to make is that spirits are called spirits for a reason. In puritan churches they would basically say it is a sin and that those who drink often are sinners. Obviously I am not a Puritan, nor an expert on that subject, but here’s some food for thought.

I’m inviting you to think about where your alcoholic beverages really come from. What is the intention and level of consciousness behind the owners, makers, distributors, and bar owners who provide alcohol to the public? Do you really think any of those people are enlightened? Probably not because it is really hard for the body to hold light when it is being disrupted like a flickering switch.

This weekend I discovered that I can be enlightened and drunk at the same time, but it simply lowers my body’s defenses and makes me more prone to other poor choices like smoking cigarettes or having unprotected sex. I like to lower my inhabitians in more spiritual ways.

Back to the enzymes.

Live food has enzymes. Most fruits are citrusy in nature. Citrus, as an acid, can be thought of like little warrior pawns designed to protect the queen and king. When we consume the carbohydrates of citrus, it’s okay because we are loading up on soldiers who will do battle with the invasive spirits (yes I mean demonic energies cultivated by the resistant forces who produce and profit from the consumption of alcohol). Since no armed force wants a platoon of idol soldiers, likewise you do not want to over consume fruit sugars because those carbohydrates will convert into stored fat. But the active enzymes of the live food are protecting your immune system by going to bat while we struggle to make better life decisions. So if you’re gunna drink, drink it with fresh live citrus. Remember, anything stored on a shelf has had the life force suspended unnaturally. You do not want this. You want to feel alive and zesty.

So at the very least, please add lemon or lime to your drinks. Try a mango margarita or a cucumber martini. Let’s raise the consciousness in the bars by demanding fresh fruit to our alcohol standards. I want to see bananas, oranges, mangos, watermelons, cucumbers, mint, and other fresh produce at my local haunts (Notice that key word: haunt- a place where disembodies spirits hang out). Honestly, if I’m going out, it should be to have fun, not to drink which happens when I’m bored and feel socially awkward in a sea of anxious misguided souls searching for relief. If you ask me why do I still drink even though I know it’s bad for me I’m going to give you that blank glazed donut face and invite you to review your own hypocrisies since I have no trouble reviewing my own.)

We’re all just looking to feel happy and healthy. So please remember to tip your musicians and artists because they really are the socially responsible key to happiness (or at least should be). And please ask your local haunts to include a Talent Tip feature to you bill so that you can easily express your gratitude when paying with a credit or debit card. This also helps managers monitor which entertainers are working for you so that they can keep hiring a formula that works.

Now, let’s really get this party started! Put down that cosmopolitan girl. Kick off your high heals, and let’s dance our way into those skinny jeans. I promise we’ll have a gay old time.


Part Two: The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

It’s not about weight loss, it’s about weight release. I still haven’t mastered this one yet because I still resist meditating when feeling anxious. As an empath and highly sensitive person, I feel lots of anxiety that isn’t mine. I also feel the inherited anxiety that is not mine, but that is my social responsibility to clean up and return back to Source for healing. Another way to say it is that I’m easily triggered. My poor childhood programing was enabled to consume sugar to my heart’s content. Here’s the ultimate weight loss secret. You cannot fill the hole in your heart by stuffing it with anything external, so my heart was never content. Conscious breathing is our best bet. It infuriates me to see KFC advertising that my heart will be content as I lick my greasy fingers. It’s socially irresponsible and immoral and most poor suckers are eating it up while shareholders laugh their way to the bank. So if I’m going to be revolutionary, I’ve got to hit them where it hurts and vote with my dollars by patronizing places that cater to my evolved dietary needs.

Here’s how I mentally pump myself up. I tell myself things like the following:

I am not a victim; I am a volunteer, and I now reclaim my divine God/Goddess power. I will not let myself be manipulated by a system that does not love me. I will not allow myself to be covertly used, and I will not allow my energy to be harvested. I am not cattle for corporate vampires. I am a powerful force to be reckoned with. My day of reckoning has come as I now remember that I am a being of violet light. I am the purity God desires. I am divine and perfect in my nature. I forgive myself for all of the moments when I forget while in this body. I forgive everyone else who forgets too. I now recall that I am limitless without end and I allow my power to extend back to me, through me, as me. I am far greater than anyone has ever allowed me to be. I am here to make space for that greatness and to evolve this planet into one of mutual greatness for all beings everywhere. The chosen ones choose themselves.

I choose myself as a form of social protest. I choose to be governed by the awesomeness of my God-given internal guidance system. Every time I forget that, I lose power and am compelled to seek refuge in either a vice or the advice of a spiritual leader. That is simply the dualistic nature of our world. But we can choose to rise above the comparative mind in order to find a higher peace of truth within ourselves.

I’ve learned to keep off 100 pounds by understanding this and working my way out of situations and habits that trigger my heart to feel less content.

This last 60 pounds stays because I haven’t been willing to release myself of those childhood coding errors. Thus, I don’t practice self-determination when triggered to the degree that I ought to for optimal health.

But today, while drunk, ironically enough, I had a few breakthroughs.

  1. I feel best by releasing anxiety through the escape of meditation, poetry, singing, and dancing. It puts me in the moment and I lose track of time. The duality of drinking, though I know I shouldn’t, is fuel for the fire toward the perfection of my artistic crafts. I accept that, and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.
  2. If I am to be a well-adjusted sensitive person, I can control the external anxiety I feel from others with greater mastery by choosing to breathe in patience and exhale forgiving mercy every time I feel triggered by other people’s amnesia or trauma.
  3. It is safe to be vulnerable human. Here I was today talking to some ladies about nutrition while drinking a beer, which I humbly admitted when asked, “And what are you having?” I felt like a normal dysfunctional human, which relieved the self-imposed standard of perfection that I unobtainably try to achieve while suffering from the amnesia that results from wearing my restrictive human space suite.
  4. This world is evolving because people like you and me are willing to get out there and make it happen. If we want it to evolve quicker, we’ve got to keep reflecting inward to find and clean up our own hypocrisies. The faster and deeper I practice forgiving my own hypocrisy the easier it becomes to forgive it in others. And interestingly enough, everything around me is magically transformed in the wash as I call upon the galactic flush for assistance.

So in my true indigo child form I am now demanding the following changes in myself:

  1. I will make time to speak with the manager at each restaurant or bar that I patronize in order to ask them to please add a tip space for the entertainment.
  2. I will encourage them to consider adding fruit drinks to their menu.
  3. I will practice breathing and writing instead of calorie-causing weekend binges.
  4. I will forgive others for being a bad influence on me. They are spiritually poor misguided hungry children too. I will forgive myself for accepting their unwanted influences, and I will call upon God’s help BEFORE I step into another compromising situation.
  5. I will pin a $20 dollar bill to my lapel so that people will be encouraged not to give me free drinks as a cheap sign of appreciation for my awesomeness, sort of like tying a profitable string to my finger as a reminder and social experiment. My button will say Pink’s lyric, “Keep your drink. Just give me the money.” Money is just a game anyway, so might as well have some fun with it.
  6. I will throw caution to the wind and attempt to create a culture of women kicking off their high heals in favor of positively lowered inhibitions in which we can dance like the divine Goddesses we were birthed to be.

That’s my weight release plan, and I’m sticking to it!

Carina is a star seed with A- blood type resulting in the necessity to become a food alchemist. If you too struggle with raising the vibrations of your food supply please donate to aid Carina in the publication of a highly informative visual text book which will feature her best recipes plus the nutritional and psychological science backing the benefits behind her interesting ingredient selections such as: Moringa, chia, flax, herb combinations, and other alchemy ingredients. Stay tuned for more explanations like why chicken soup is good for the soul by subscribing through your donation below.

Legal Disclaimer: Carina is licensed and regulated by Divine Law and does not hold title to any state or government issued certifications. She does not practice medicine. She practices science and common sense. None of her ideas or messages should be construed as recommendations, or advice. It is up to you to practice discernment to see what resonates with your highest interest. Namaste.

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