Remember-Grounding CD



Remember. The power of the real me. The truth of who I can be. Perfect. Worthy. Powerful. Safe. A grounding meditation of everyone. This powerful meditation utilizes tree and crystal visualizations.



An uplifiting meditation with beautifully relaxing music guiding you to open and cleanse the heart, take in positive abundance, reprogram the heart matrix, become whole again, or perhaps for the first time. Most important is help to forgive yourself and others. Rejuvenate your heart and harness the power of healing and positive expectation. Become unstoppable and flowy!



It's all about building better connections and understanding the hidden vibrational exchanges which play a role in how your connections pan out. This CD has two candid conversations with Carina and friends discussing paranormal present and past life reasons for various communcation and sexual issues we were experienceing. You'll be introduced to a greater understanding of the Map Consciousness by Dr. Davic Hawkins.



This simple 10 step workbook will change your life by changing the way you actively attract your ideal relationships. Practice the simple formula as you fill in the blanks and watch the magic unfold. You are also welcome to send in your workbook answers to combine with a counseling session. Carina will then guide you step by step on the path of offering less resistance so that you can visualize your desired future.


ENLIGHTEN THE F^CK UP! An Apocalypse Field Guide Full of Lessons Resources & Weird Stories

Carina’s new book is a unique combination of autobiography meets audio-visual self-mastery E-course. Carina speaks to her generation in parables related to the journey of being a telepathic empath developing intuition into psychic gifts as she traverses through the spiritual supermarket to heal herself and others. Carina shares intimate, vulnerable, and jaw-dropping experiences as she and others have discovered how to effectively utilize combinations of scientifically and clinically proven techniques that pivot your mind-body-soul into the heights of peace and beyond. When practiced, we guarantee you’ll feel empowered and able to manage any major life obstacles. Journey into the quantifiable realms of enlightenment and full Tao consciousness and know that you are not alone in the trenches.


Goddess Guidance Conversation & Meditation CD PART 1

Real talk from real women unafraid to break the mold. Reclaim your Goddess power and make more realistic decisions about how to love without giving away your power. Fill up with the music and meditation while you relax in the Panama Pacific waves.


Pre-Recorded Enlightenment Integration Meditation & Lecture

Results guaranteed. Download to your smartphone or tablet to get the healing you need when you need it. At home or on the go, your Guru is now always with you in spirit and joy.


Looking Inward- Lectures & Meditations

It’s key to self-reflect if you want to create powerful change. Looking Inward helps to develop integrity by teaching how to observe our flawsomeness with thorough compassion. Nearly 3 hours of lecture and meditations perfect for your morning commute or evening unwind. Are you ready for powerful shifts? Then Look Inward and discover the Guru Within!


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