“Carina I´ve got the best testimonial for you dear. After you did the chakra balancing on me, I actually found the courage to contact my birth father, and it´s all just so amazing the unfoldment. I feel like I´ve found a missing piece of myself. No looking back. Thank you thank you thank you.” -Poppy Wise

Sara feels worlds better after receiving her first guided meditation. Listen to her testimony.

Samira experiences Kundalini awakening with Carina Cariñosa in a guided meditation

End Suffering Today

Thanks to world-renowned psychologist Dr. David Hawkins, Carina is able to quantifiably measure thoughts and vibrations (past, present, future) and Levels of Consciousness (LOC) using The Scale of Human Consciousness featured below.
Other major influences to Carina’s work include Abraham-Hicks (The Emotional Guidance System), the I-Ching Handbook by Wu Wei, Louis Hay, Terrance McKenna, Ram Dass, and really all the healing modalities with dabbles of reference to various religions or systems as they may share common themes throughout the science of spirituality. She is particularly interested in metaphysics, quantum physics, shamanism or curanderismo. The only few modalities she doesn’t do but refers people to when appropriate are Ayurveda,  acupuncture, reading of Akashic Records or basic Western Medicine.
If you are seeking access to ancestral medicines, services, or modalities which may be considered taboo or illegal in your place of residence, sign up for a counseling session/ interview to discuss.

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