Narcissism: Pointing The Finger Inwards

Narcissism is a cute buzzword, aka label, used to describe unaware egoic behavior, aka unconscious mind. Since the ego’s job is to protect us, and the goal is to end suffering and thus achieve and sustain enlightenment, we need to be really careful as to how we toss around the label, “(S)he’s a narcissist.” We all have narcissistic behaviors. So it isn’t fair to label someone a This or That, because that boxes them in, and often

Alcohol, Weight Loss, Nutrition, & the Joy Factor

This article goes out to every lady at the bar or restaurant concerned about her weight, including myself. First, let me placate your desire for actionable answers that you think you want to know, and then I’ll talk about the relevant yet often hidden truth. Yes vodka and club soda is the lowest calorie answer, and it IS the drink of choice for dieters who choose to drink. My fabulously gay former roommate has lost a 100 pounds thanks to his second

Full Figured, Fit, and Fabulous

Today the scales say 215, and I feel ready to pose for a centerfold. The holidays are in full force. Everyone seems to have gained 10 pounds, and now that my tummy has rounded out a bit, I am loving the streamline in my curves. Let’s give credit where credit is due. T25 workout- Focus for 25 minutes each day, if you can. I had to take a break after the first few days for my knees to adjust to the