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Carina Carinosa is an Enlightened Ordained Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, Dr. of Divinity, Member of the Oklevueha Native American Church, Psychic Telepathic Empathic Indigo Starseed Warrior Chanell & Singer.

You can start by seeing just some of the testimonies for Carina’s work.

Next, use your new Guru on the Go with over 5 hours of free lectures and guided meditations from 2 workshops, a world peace prayer/meditation/lecture, plus free song tracks, our gift to you.

Enter the ‘Valuable eCourse’ Tab to get your free weekly newsletter e-Course and watch YouTube videos on all manner of important life topics designed to stop suffering and encourage the ultimate levels of human mastery. Explore psychology, interpersonal relationships, spiritual science, nutrition as medicine, mental/spiritual/ and physical health through traditional plant medicines, plus metaphysical sciences and more. It’s a great way to be easily and freely be introduced to deep topics from YouTube videos and teachers now globally accessible.

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If you’re into alternative health, Carina’s articles are worth a read.

“MANIFEST Ideal LOVE” is a FREE 5-page eWorkbook designed to show you how to manifest your ideal relationships. You can fill out this free workbook and submit it for Carina’s review to speed up your becoming an exact vibrational match to the types of supportive people you desire. For this, you ,might schedule a 2 hour Spiritual Counseling session and/ or listen to one of our CDs, such as Relationship Harmony Lectures or Relationship Harmony Meditation, for example.

“EXCLUSIVE Discount” gives you two options for grabbing all 6 CDs and a healing session at deep discounts exclusive to app users!

“SPIRITUAL Integration” is a 1 hour Enlightenment Integration recording. Practice working with this CD and you WILL become more and more a Zen Master. Continued practice will help open and sustain portals in your brain and chakra system that support your body’s accelerated capacity to hold more Light Energy and Divine Consciousness.

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“Remember Grounding” is a CD compilation featuring music by Carina Cariñosa, a chakra balancing testimony, description of who my services are best suited for, and finally an excellent grounding meditation perfect for Newbies, Yoginis, and Gurus alike.

“Alternative HEALERS” showcases a catalog of psychic healers, all of whom Carina has used to go higher in her mastery, much like the Spiritual Supermarket of who can help with all manner of ailments, usually from a distance. It is likely that Carina will refer you to work with one of these specialists depending on the nature of your affliction.

“TAX FREE DONATION” is your chance to help spread enlightenment and healing to those most in need. Carina often works with the homeless, those not eligible for government aid, many Panamanian or 3rd World non-profit initiatives, and uses extra funds to perform healings on those who cannot afford to pay.

Pre-order Carina’s new book which is an autobiography describing the science of spirituality, how she overcame obstacles like being a 315 pound bipolar addict widow in Central America into an enlightened telepathic empath, healer, shaman, and instrument for the Celtic Goddess Bridgette. This book is a resource full of hyperlinks to videos, articles, and parables from many of the world’s greatest teachers and gurus.

Call or write in to get personal guidance. Reach out; tell me your story and what you’re needing help on, and we WILL give you direction and say a prayer for you.

“Hear Carina Sing” takes you to a page on her site where you can hear audios of her voice, and vision for collaborations and covers. It also has a photo shoot from 2014 you may find of interest.

In the ‘iTunes’ tab, you will find a host of media samples for all of the lecture and meditation CDs Carina’s team are producing.

Come learn how to demystify the science of Spirituality, embrace your flawsomeness, accept your angelic divinity, and connect to your Guru Within.

All beliefs are respected. Your enlightenment experience will release your current resistant reality allowing you to awaken your human consciousness to the highest heights and to become the purposeful master manifester of your highest destiny. Enjoy in joy!


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