Who is Carina Cariñosa

Carina Cariñosa Carina is a 34 year old enlightened telepathic empath, star seed, indigo child, metaphysical physician, paranormal psychologist, author, singer, and shaman. She combines the healing arts with spirit science, reiki, chakra balancing, surrender ceremonies, body work, lectures, guided surrender meditations, prayer, exercise & nutrition, music, singing, dance, crystal therapy, and plant medicines. Most of her work can be conducted from a distance. Physical clients have been healed of cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, Gout, sexual traumas, menstrual issues, chronic fatigue, dislocated shoulders and chronic spinal misalignment, radiation exposure, possessions, curses and more.

Carina will help you connect to your highest ascended self and receive DNA activations as facilitated by any number of benevolent beings serving the greatest and highest good of all. You'll see that her work dissolves ego's strong-hold and raises your vibrations allowing you to be happier, healthier, and make better decisions in alignment with your soul´s true purpose. The experience manifests usually as a distance reiki and chakra balancing, working with Source and a team of volunteer angels to produce bio-energetic reprogramming, forgiveness and erase karma throughout the timeline, downloading programs for abundance and other blessings. Any number of healing modalities may be intuited as each person is very unique.
Carina can provide psychic healing and counseling services remotely. You may be actively involved in the session or Carina will send you an email for the next action steps required in order for the blessings to take hold in your physical 3D reality. Generally, this looks something like, "You need to forgive So&So by saying Such&Such realizing This&That. We're holding space for you and the blessings are ready to descend, just let them in....and now open up your chest like a flower blooming to receive the gifts and anchor the shift." Other protocols like some dietary changes, mantras (in your preferred language), and ideas for consideration could be intuited.
The shift in consciousness is quantifiable thanks to world renowned psychologist Dr. David Hawkins' Map of Human Consciousness, which Carina can gauge utilizing Kinesiology. This map accurately demystifies the human psyche by outlining paradigms of thought. The thoughts coincide with the chakra system, which coincides with the anatomy & physiology, which coincides with tones, colors etc. The map provides an easy-to-use colorful guide which helps the mind to understand, interpret, and release resistant thoughts thus allowing us to become fully enlightened beings.

If you desire to reach enlightenment, then you are destined for it. Accelerate your progress in this now moment.

FAQs are available at this link here.

To learn more about the Map of Human Consciousness click here.
Take us for a test drive. Enjoy a meditation, lecture, free workbook, newsletter and Carina's social media channels before you decide to receive distance healing. In this way, you'll be exponentially prepared for major advancements.

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What Happy Customers Are Saying

Sara feels worlds better after receiving her first guided meditation. Listen to her testimony.

Samira experiences Kundalini awakening with Carina Cariñosa in a guided meditation

¨Carina I´ve got the best testimonial for you dear. After you did the chakra balancing on me, I actually found the courage to contact my birth father, and it´s all just so amazing the unfoldment. I feel like I´ve found a missing piece of myself. No looking back. Thank you thank you thank you.¨ -Poppy Wise

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